Welcome to Bay Presbyterian Preschool

Bay Presbyterian Preschool is a licensed, non-profit school that began in 1964, serving both church and non-church families.

Bay Presbyterian Preschool is a play-based school that focuses on helping children develop a love for God, school, themselves and others. In addition to your child learning skills to prepare them for kindergarten, they will also attend HIS-Story time where biblical truths are taught.

A child’s growth can be divided in many ways: social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. We believe that all areas need to be met, with spiritual growth being the heart of it all. Our program offers a 2 ½ hour class for three, four and five year olds in both the morning and afternoon.

You may choose a 2, 3 or 4 day program depending on your child’s age.

To Schedule a visit call 440-871-1503 *155

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Bay Presbyterian Preschool
25415 Lake Road Bay Village, Ohio 44140

Director: Julie Hazlett

Registrar: Maribeth McKee
440-871-1503 *155

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